T U R N   Y O U R   A S P I R A T I O N S   I N T O   R E A L I T Y

Excellent Food


B & B/ Venue

Supportive Hosts




Gluten Free

Always Available

...the most breathtaking landscape on which to rest your eyes on.
...accommodation for cyclists, walkers, artists, authors and anyone who enjoys nature.

Meet Your Hosts

Peter Shepherdson

Kathryn Shepherdson

"Looking forward to sharing the Dower House with all who cross its threshold".

Wherever you are from, and whoever you are, you will find a welcome here.

"I live for meeting new people. It's always a very refreshing experience".

2019 Eliock Dower House

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Tel: 07920 443 602/07917 842 398

Eliock Dower House, Eliock, Sanquhar,

Dumfries & Galloway DG4 6LD

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