Squirrels..... squirrelling away

Yes......I know. He's grey. But, it's not his fault, surely. He's just an animal minding his own business. We are the ones that transport them about and introduce them into new areas. The Grey Squirrel was introduced into the UK in the 1890s and, since then, for whatever motivations by people, they have been moved around. Because of their inquisitiveness sometimes they just end up in someones car - maybe under the bonnet even - of some unsuspecting holiday makers. Then, lo and behold, they've travelled a few hundred miles never to return once they have escaped, whilst the owners are having their longed-for pic-nic by a river.

Unfortunately, nearly all of the Red Squirrel population in England and Wales have all but disappeared because of the disease carried by the Grey's that passes on, destructively, to the Red's.

However, all is not lost in Scotland and there are still a significant number of Red's to be found. When I see one we'll post a shot of it. It is lovely though to be able to have a garden where squirrels scamper about. It kinda makes up for not having a cat.....

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